As a motivational speaker sharing hope with the masses, inspiring and providing a fresh perspective of hope is what Twila will do as your keynote speaker.

 Companies, organizations and nonprofits invite Twila to travel throughout the U.S. to share how they too can learn to overcome daily adversities. She will share how she motivates herself daily to be successful daily.  

It is not easy to navigate life with all of it's twist and turns. Twila will talk about steps you can use to shift your mindset and embrace your daily successes. 

"Our success is really based on our choices".

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"I have known Ms. Twila Adams for over 12 years. She has always presented herself in an utmost pleasant and friendly manner. She has been an inspiration to me through the years, always uplifting and positive, seeing the water glass as half full rather than half empty. If I call Ms. Adams for something and just happen to be having a challenging day unbeknown to her, her pleasant disposition has a way of shining through to brighten my day. With all of her life’s challenges, she has managed to be a true blessing to me and others. Twila". Carolyn