My reiki reset with Twila was unlike any other reiki session I had before. She worked with me a few days before our scheduled appointment to guide in preparing my body and spirit for our time together. Her healing process allowed me to start experiencing a shift even before our actual session. During our session, my body was totally relaxed as she cleared away energies that no longer served me. I felt rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit after our session. She is divinely connected and Spirit-led in her practice. If you’re in need of a mental, emotional or even spiritual reset, I recommend you book your session with Twila." - Cayme Andrea

When I got the must needed invite for my Reiki session with you. I realized I haven’t had any energy work in a long while. Since my time with you earlier. It is well with my SOUL, AMEN. Right now, everything feels good and clear. Thank you, All this is confirmation. Arlene

I have known Ms. Twila Adams for over 12 years. She has always presented herself in an utmost pleasant and friendly manner. I have come to know Twila as a spiritual sister and good friend. She has been an inspiration to me through the years, always uplifting and positive, seeing the water glass as half full rather than half empty. If I call Ms. Adams for something and just happen to be having a challenging day unbeknown to her, her pleasant disposition has a way of shining through to brighten my day. God seems to place the right things in her spirit to have her uplift me in ways that only he can manage. With all of her life’s challenges, she has managed to let God bless her by being a true blessing to me and others. Twila, I do love the GOD in YOU! Carolyn

After one session I could think clear and my stress was considerably minimized and slept like well. Thank you. B.M.

Twila was wonderful! I would enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone. It's not just a job for her; she takes good care in going above and beyond while ensuring that you are satisfied with her work. Her peaceful, healing energy is transmitted through every touch!~C

My session was very professional done and so relaxing. I also enjoyed our personal conversation after the session I always feel so much at home with Twila. Twila is very caring and I recommend her for your needs. Thanks~L. Cheeks

I really enjoyed the service my feet still feel new. I will recommend Holistic Nail Care Services to my family and friends It is always a pleasure to be in the mist Thanks so much Twila~Larry

Every time I receive services from Twila I leave with not only excellent manicure and or pedicure services.The atmosphere she provides is so uplifting . I feel like a new person after having seen her. Grateful Client - Donna 

“The reason I appreciate your visits to Mother is because she needs to be around as many believers as she can in her last days.  Thanks," Steve 
(son of 91 year old cancer parent in assisted living)

"I appreciate the way cared for my Mother.
Mr. Stroud."  (Son of 96 year old Mother with Huntings Disease)

"After one Reiki service I slept much better." 

"Thank you for everything you did for my Mom."
Christine (referred by Just 1 Call service)

"Your  services are above standard services"  Kea

My experiences  (manicures, pedicures, reiki)  with Twila have been extremely pleasant. Twila has a "way" with people that is soothing. Her demeanor is great. She's the BEST. She's a very positive individual and also adept at her skills. I tell all of my friends about her services. ~ Donna

Thanks to each of you for your comments:)
Relax and enjoy Reiki...